Merck Cyber Attack and What you should know!

Over the last month there has been a lot of information on the affects of the Cyber Attack that hit Merck (NotPetya).  Read more here

What is not being discussed much is HOW this happened…  Read hear about how NotPetya works and why it is worse than Petya!

In short, while Petya could be expensive to the infected company you would have the ability to pay the ransom, with NotPetya, the perpetrators didn’t think the whole thing through and we not prepared to provide the unlock keys, so you’re out of luck.

Many  of these attacks worked due to a vulnerability in the Microsoft Operating system that was fixed earlier this year!  This means that a significant portion of the infected companies could have prevented the attack if they had updated their computers on a regular basis as we always recommend to our clients!  Contact us today to ensure you’re up to date.